The local diversity is a delight for the eyes with its natural wealth. Don't miss this opportunity to commune with this dazzling scenery.



The Argentinean side of the Iguazu falls is found in Puerto Iguazú. The Iguazu River holds most of the 19 biggest waterfalls that make up Iguazu Falls, while only 5 are found in Brazil, which makes each side unique and different.

MEETING OF WATER (Encontro das Águas)

A wonderful tour through the waters of the Paraná and Iguazu rivers, during which visitors can contemplate the main architectonic monuments in the tri-border area, such as the Itaipu Hydropower Plant. The itinerary also allows visitors to see the Tri-Border Monument and Acaray Island, all aboard a modern and safe vessel.


Explore the Itaipu Lake aboard an open decked vessel to be mesmerized by its beautiful scenery. On Friday and Saturday nights, there is a special itinerary that allows visitors to boat to the lighting of the dam and over the lake while dinner is served.