You and your family can enjoy various tours and sports, with guaranteed excitement amidst nature. Outdoor fun for visitors of all ages.



Macuco Safari, which is located inside the Iguaçu Falls National Park, takes visitors from all over the world on a memorable boat trip where they feel the power of nature and its magic through water and gravity, at a place where adventure, emotion and safety come together.


SkydiveFoz has been in the business of skydiving for entertainment – tandem jumping – and sports since 2013. The jumps take place against an incredible backdrop, which includes the Itaipu Hydropower Plant, the Iguaçu Falls, the Tri-Border area – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina – and the magnificent Itaipu Lake.


The Banana Trees Trail is one of the attractions available inside the Iguazu Falls National Park and the tour combines a 1.6-kilometer long trail with boating on the Iguaçu River. During the itinerary, visitors can see birds with aquatic habits, as well as the lush and diverse native vegetation. Visitors are invited to shut off the world, relax and keep day-to- day stress far from the 1.5 kilometers of trail in the middle of the Atlantic Forest.

THE BLACK WELL TRAIL (Poço Preto Trail)12

This tour begins in the middle of the national park and allows visitors to see the diversity of the native fauna and flora. The first leg is a 9-kilometer long trail that can be travelled by foot, by electric vehicle or by bicycle, after which visitors cross some bridges and take trails that lead to Alligator Lake (Lagoa do Jacaré). The second leg takes place aboard a motor boat, which goes up the upper part of the Iguazu river, crossing the Taquaras Islands (Arquipélago das Taquaras). On the way back, the boat goes by the rapids and passes along Parrots Island (Ilha dos Papagaios), where thousands of parrots can be seeing flying during the sunrise and sunset. Finally, visitors disembark at the Banana Trees Port (Porto Bananeiras).


A panoramic helicopter flight over the Falls provides tourists with a privileged view, during which they are able to see the immensity of the water and the power of nature found at the Iguazu Falls National Park in what is certainly a breathtaking tour.